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WhatsApp Sms Messenger 2017 for Android,Windows,Iphone and Blackberry

WhatsApp Sms Messenger 2017 for Android,Windows,Iphone and Blackberry

WhatsApp sms messenger is the best application to deliver your messeges using android,windows,iphone and blackberry phones to deliver your thoughts to friends and loved ones.

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for Android, iphone and Windows Phone. WhatsApp users can send text messages, Live voice Call, voice messages, links and images to any user. WhatsApp is considered the best instant messenger app that is convenient to use.

Several changes and modifications have made in order to enhance and improve the amazing experience that every users must have. The App has an incredible base now, after being considered as one of the fastest growing social networks. There were certain additional features of the app to make it amazing.

WhatsApp Messenger

 WhatsApp Sms Messenger 2017 for Android,Windows,Iphone and Blackberry

In the field of business, to have an effective communication among employees, employer and customers plays a great role in achieving success. With all the newly out technologies and apps, many business enthusiast have learned to integrate them in their business.

WhatsApp Sms Messenger 2017 for Android,Windows,Iphone and Blackberry.

This is to go along with the constantly changing modern world. Whatsapp have gained its popularity that resulted to almost 900 million users in the recent years it was launched. Using such app is one thing or opportunity that business do not want to miss in order to maintain their better communication among customers, employees and other person involve in the business.

Group chats is available in WhatsApp, where you can create an exclusive group for your employees and discuss important business matters. By doing so, you are able to reach out and communicate your concerns as well as the employees’ concerns through the Whatsapp. You do not need to set for an emergency meeting and gather everyone in order discuss certain things.

Whatsapp is indeed one of the newly developed app that marks a great success in promoting better and effective communication among people from different parts of the world. So what are you waiting for? Do not settle for less if you could actually benefit more from the newest apps along with their numerous advantages to make life and communication easier and more convenient.

Here are some of the newest features that WhatsApp offers:
When someone sends you an important message using the app, you are not able to save it and in order to find the message; you are to use hashtags in order to mark some of the important message. With its new features, there is an easier way to mark the particular message, which allows you to “star” message, by long pressing any message, choosing the Star in the top menu bar and moving on. It is more like a bookmark or a favorite.

If ever you accidentally deleted your chat history, do not worry for you can restore it in just few steps. Through the newest features of Messenger WhatsApp for Android phones, you can back up your chat logs unto the Google Drive.

Clearing chats is made easier. This is through choosing what actions you would want, whether to delete all messages of selected ones, and the WhatsApp will do the rest of deleting your selected chats.

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